News of Interest

Selected news stories of interest to the Freedom Reads community.

Pell Grants in Prison: A New Effort to Fund Degrees For People Behind Bars
NPR by Elissa Nadworny June 28, 2022

Starting in the 2023-24 school year, 1.5 million currently incarcerated people will be newly eligible to receive Pell Grants, increasing access to higher education for thousands of academically eligible students.

A Prison Warden's Victory Over PTSD
Guideposts by Randall Liberty March 31, 2022

Prison warden Randall Liberty writes about acknowledging his history of PTSD and how this changed his approach to incarceration.

The Biggest Crop in Prison Gardens: Hope
The Crime Report by TCR Staff December 21, 2021

An in depth look into the history of prison gardens in California -- how they started, what benefits they offer, and what their future looks in the new post-COVID era of prison programming.